Full Circle brings healthcare everywhere

Full Circle brings healthcare everywhere through its Telehealth platform.

Based at the business incubator Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN) in Coimbra, Portugal, Full Circle has created a teleconsultation platform which connects patients with private practice doctors, private hospitals and clinics through computers, tablets and smartphones connected to the Internet.

The platform provides quality healthcare through real-time video appointments with patients living in isolated areas and to those who want to save time and travel expenses, but still want to have access to qualified medical services.

According to Full Circle’s founder and CEO Dimitar Kókov, “the startup’s mission is to make patients’ live easier by providing them with regular appointments while they are comfortably at home or at any other convenient place, benefiting from a large list of specialised doctors. We intend to contribute to reduce the number of people with no access to primary healthcare – in Portugal alone this number reaches hundreds of thousands, and this is also a European problem. These difficulties are often related to the geographic location of patients, their working conditions that often do not allow them to be absent from work to attend an appointment, time associated with dislocations, travel expenses and risk of exposure to diseases in health institutions.

We are able to connect a patient who lives in the north of the country to a doctor who is at its most southern location in a matter of seconds, eliminating all these obstacles.

For instance, a few months ago I accompanied a family member on a car journey from Coimbra to Porto, which is approximately a 120 km distance, in order to get a second opinion from a different doctor. Having in mind the journey and the waiting time in the doctor’s office, the whole process took us more than 4 hours. In addition, the travel expenses were over 40€, including tolls and fuel. The medical appointment itself took 15 minutes, and only details regarding symptoms and data from previous exams were discussed. Using Full Circle’s platform, a patient in the same situation would have saved more than 4 hours and 40€ and, moreover, all the underlying inconvenience regarding the dislocation.

It is also part of our mission to benefit health professionals, since our platform will expand their geographical area of ​influence, list of users and income.

We also thought about the business sector, so we created attractive plans for companies in order to help reduce the absenteeism of their workers for medical appointments and conditions, which annually represents significant losses for the economy.”

Full Circle was formed in December 2016 by its founder, Dimitar Kókov, being selected 3 months later for the StartUP Voucher program, one of the measures of StartUP Portugal, a national strategy to promote entrepreneurship, and was also chosen to be a part of the Web Summit 2017 in Lisbon, among the most promising startups in Portugal.

For more information please visit Full Circle’s website at www.web.web.fullcircle.pt